The Nordgard dental practice offers a 360 degree service to guarantee good oral hygiene to all its customers. The atmosphere  perceived inside the studio is that of a modern and welcoming place that is ideal to put at ease all  patients, young and old. Who has always had the fear of the dentist, will  find all the tranquility and serenity possible needed for achieving excellent results.

The clients of  Norwegian nationality will have,  following treatments in the European Union, the same HELFO reimbursement rights as if they were on Norwegian territory.


Graduated in 1992 U.I.O. Oslo, Norway. With 25 years of experience in general dentistry, today  running a private clinic located in the center of Terracina (Italy).

The Nordgard dental practice offers its customers numerous innovative services(among which the Wand – Sta System , a type of computerized dental anesthesia able to anesthetize the single tooth in a totally painless way.


The Nordgard dental practice has been dealing with the dental health of its patients for years in a professional and timely manner. Our mission is to bring our customers  back to smiling, to live a healthy and happy life.

We take care of our patients, making sure to solve their problems in a professional and definitive way. Contact us for an appointment, we are at your disposal.

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Con oltre 25 anni di esperienza nel settore, lo studio dentistico Nordgard ha saputo affermare e consolidare le proprie capacità fino ad essere considerato un punto di riferimento del settore. Con tecniche sempre innovative e all'avanguardia mira alla soddisfazione dei clienti e prezzi modici.

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