Fixed and Mobile orthodontics

During one’s life, especially during adolescence, one’s own dental apparatus undergoes some very important changes. Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry that deals with preventing and treating some anomalies that may arise regarding the positioning or development of dental elements, the palate and the jaw.

Usually the first check-up is carried out starting from 5 years, when it is easier to use the groth of teh child as a help. The Orthodontics sector is divided into two types:

• Fixed: Used for  the resolution of anomalies related to dental alignment ,or malocclutions occuring in the adult dentition . The device is not removable,worn for a medium-long period.

• Mobile: Through the use of a device that the patient can remove and apply in a completely autonomous way and that allows, especially in adolescence, to solve problems related to a dental malformation or to problems of alignment.

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