We at the Nordgard dental practice are here to enhance it, through specific treatments and professional services that can improve your smile and the health of your teeth.

Nordgard Dental Practice

Thanks to the passion that has been the basis of our work for years, the Nordgard dental practice is able to offer a wide range of specific and professional services, which we like to divide into four main categories which are:


Children, but also often adults, are afraid of the dentist. We at the Nordgard studio know this well and aim to take care of the patients putting them at ease thanks to a light sedation system. 

This is a very simple method, without contraindications and also suitable for children. If you want to try the conscious sedation contact us, we are happy to inform you!

What they say about us

Many of our clients like to write about their experience , and we are more than happy to receive your messages and turn them into testimonials! We love our work and ask for feedback to make us even better at doing it.

I highly recommend it!

I had two teeth made and I must say that I found it very satifying! Friendly staff, they immediately put me at ease and were very delicate during the whole operation.

- Mark

Never fear the dentist!

I had the dentist’s nightmare, but thanks to my previous visits to the surgery I’m really confident now! I finally managed to heal my teeth, I was about to lose hope … now I have a new and healthy smile! Thanks again to all the staff 🙂

- Angel

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Con oltre 25 anni di esperienza nel settore, lo studio dentistico Nordgard ha saputo affermare e consolidare le proprie capacità fino ad essere considerato un punto di riferimento del settore. Con tecniche sempre innovative e all'avanguardia mira alla soddisfazione dei clienti e prezzi modici.

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