Over the years, the teeth can be irreparably damaged by forcing the dentist to remove or replace one or more elements.

In these cases the dental implant becomes fundamental for the health and beauty of one’s teeth. It is in fact a medical device used in surgery that allows one or more dental elements to be repaired or replaced, permanently and safely. The implant base is installed inside the mandibular or maxillary bone; the whole plant is then built on it in a stable and definitive way.

The dental clinic Nordgard has adopted, for some years now, innovative and advanced implantology techniques.

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Con oltre 25 anni di esperienza nel settore, lo studio dentistico Nordgard ha saputo affermare e consolidare le proprie capacità fino ad essere considerato un punto di riferimento del settore. Con tecniche sempre innovative e all'avanguardia mira alla soddisfazione dei clienti e prezzi modici.

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